Salesforce Automations to accelerate your sales with our integration 🚀

A Salesforce native workflow for your team.

Our AI Automations make it easy to prospect at scale. Spend less time doing manual research and more time selling - all within Salesforce.

Prioritize Your Ideal Leads

Keep your team's attention solely on premium leads. With Persana's sophisticated analytics, pinpoint leads with the greatest conversion potential, rooted in key fit attributes and behaviors.Learn More

Optimize Your Marketing Budget

Elevate your ROI with Persana by directing your advertising budget to retarget exclusively the cream of the lead crop.Learn More

Boost Your Conversion Rates

Redefine the customer journey with bespoke interactions. Persana’s instantaneous scoring mechanisms are integrated with you website, chat, and form engagements to heighten conversion rates.Learn More

Find Decision Makers automatically

Streamlines the sales process, enabling targeted outreach, shorter sales cycles, and increased deal successLearn More

Track product champions

Identify loyal advocates who can drive referrals, boost brand credibility, and accelerate the sales processLearn more

Enrich contacts with AI

Empowers sales teams to engage with the right data Learn More

Find leads who use a similar technology

Increases relevance, conversion rates, and provides a competitive advantage .Learn More

Find companies with open roles

Offer relevant products or services that meet their hiring needs and establish potential long-term partnershipsLearn More

Find recent company funding status

Tailor your solutions to meet their growing needsLearn More