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Persana's Sales Glossary: Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Published by Persana AI on
Definition of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a comprehensive software solution that integrates and automates core business processes, providing a single source of truth for data and enabling efficient decision-making in a sa... Read More

Persana Sales Glossary: Gross Merchandising Value (GMV)

Published by Persana AI on
Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) is a crucial metric in the sales context, measuring the total sales volume of a business within a specific period. For e-commerce and retail companies, understanding GMV helps evaluate financial health, growth potential, and market positioning.... Read More

Persana Sales Glossary: Gatekeeper

Published by Persana AI on
GatekeeperGatekeepers play a crucial role in sales as they control access to decision-makers. Navigating through Gatekeepers is a critical skill for sales professionals, as they can make or break a sales opportunity. Persana AI can ... Read More

Persana Sales Glossary: Generative AI

Published by Persana AI on
Understanding Generative AI in SalesDefinition of Generative AIGenerative AI refers to a subset of artificial intelligence technology that can create new content, including text, images, and audio, by learning patterns from existing ... Read More